Finding time to write

My life is all topsy turvy right now and I am finding it hard to carve out writing time. After six months of unemployment, I finally found a job. This is good news. However, it is the overnight shift, which is bad news for my writing schedule. I am more productive early in the morning, but now that I don’t get off of work until 7 a.m., writing is taking a back seat to much needed sleep.

Now I just scribble a bit here and there, trying to keep working on my novel in progress as well as short story ideas that come to me. I keep a small notebook in my lunchbox so that on my lunch hour, at 2 a.m., I can jot down ideas and even paragraphs for my novel. It’s also when I wrote this blog post, which, unfortunately, has become low on my list of priorities. One I aim to bump up to the top of the list and soon.

I know if you really want something, you will make time and effort for it. However, I am having a hard time adjusting to working at night and sleeping during the day so that anything I can do during my time off work is being pushed back to catch up on sleep.

I really thought that I would be adjusted to this new schedule by now, but after four and a half months, I’m still feeling the drain. But it is getting better, slowly but surely. Like I said, I am now writing on my lunch hour, and I am pretty productive on one of my two days off. The other day is spent catching up on sleep.

My goal now is to create a new writing schedule and stick with it. I keep a notebook and pen with me at all times: in my purse, by my bedside, in my lunchbox, on the end table by my chair. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to jot something down when it hits me. I am also trying to get in the habit of writing when I get home from work while my three dogs are eating their morning meal and getting their morning outdoor exercise.

My body may be exhausted when I get home, but I am trying to get it used to writing a little first thing in the morning. I am also trying to write when I wake up in the afternoons.

I’m finding it frustrating to go from writing for two or three solid hours, to only getting 10 or 15 minutes here and there, but I know that any little bit of writing gets me that much closer to finishing my story.

My goal has never been to publish a book, but to just finish the first draft. If I can just complete the first draft, I will feel like I finally accomplished one of my goals. A lot of obstacles have been thrown in my way and I feel that if I can just complete this first draft, I will have won my personal war.

I will worry about the next step after I complete this one. But right now, I need to get my writing life in sync with my working life so that the two can be harmonious and I can complete my goal of finishing this first draft.

This adventure is teaching me how to take negatives and turn them into positives, a life lesson I really need to learn. And I will keep on writing.



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  1. We’ve all been there, hang in there!!

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